2011.02.04[金] The coolest guy in Imabari!


I finally met him. He is cute, very popular, yellow and you can see his pictures everywhere in Imabari.
I’m talking about バリィさん of course! かっこいいよ!
The last weekend, it was possible to visit some houses to sell.
Not too far from my home-stay family house, I visited one of them.
The seller never expected me, a Canadian who is single, to want to visit it.
“No wife, no children, living in Imabari for only 4 months, what was his reason to see this house?”he was probably thinking.
Then I told him I want to meet バリィさん.
From that point, he decided to let me enter.
Maybe he wanted to be nice with me, he had nothing to lose anyway.

Inside the house was very cool. From the second floor windows, it was possible to see mountains.
The house seems small but because everything is so convenient, you don’t need to worry about that.
The outside aspect is also cool. I really like the modern design of the building and the facade wood structure. If I had a job in Imabari, a nice family and a Japanese passport, I would like to live there. One more thing, バリィさん was there. The kids were dancing around him, playing and chatting with him. I guess I’m a little bit too old to play with him. I guess I’ll have another occasion.

I think ゆるキャラ is really a good way to promote a city.
Through them, you can express feelings from the population, their differences and their values.
When I’m learning more about バリィさん, I think I’m also learning more about Imabari population.
But I still have a hard time to understand Imabari expressions.
I think バリィさん is the cutest of all ゆるキャラ.
Do you feel the same way?


2011.02.13 Sun 23:59  Zack's mom

The photo is hilarious. Too bad that バリィさん didn't want to play with you. バリィさんreminds me of Keiran manju 鶏卵饅頭 けいらんまんじゅう, staple souvenir from Imabari. Hmmm, my mouth is watering thinking about manju...





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