Date : 2011年04月26日

2011.04.26[火] Ohanami and Friends

I think April is the best month to travel in Japan. It's not too cold, not too hot and this is the cherry blossoms season! I really like Sakura and I love Ohanami even more because you can drink alcohol with friends during afternoon time. If you don't like alcohol, this is also a good occasion to do BBQ and picnics.


Two weeks ago, I've been to Hiroshima to meet my Canadian friend Minh. His mother is Vietnamese and he speaks 4 languages. This is pretty amazing. His mom came with him to Japan. From Hiroshima, we took the tramway and we bought a « 1 day pass ticket with ferry » because we also wanted to go to Miyajima. Before boarding the ferry, we met my Japanese friend Mari and her mother. They were waiting for us because we made a mistake. We thought it takes 15 minutes by tramway to get there but it was 50 minutes so we came late.

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We didn't see many tourists, probably because it was the middle of the week. Miyajima seems to be a quiet and very calm place. We took a long walk and the view was superb. Along the way, there were many sakura trees. After that, we visited a small temple on the hill. I took many pictures of mini buddha and raccoon statues and of course deers. A baby deer were following me and he tried to eat my camera. We were lucky because during the visit, the tide was low so we were able to touch the famous orange gate. When you are getting close, you realize how big it is. It's HUGE! Maybe it's tall like a 5 floors building.

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Two days later, I visited Arashiyama in Kyoto with Minh and his mother. I saw many interesting things. If you climb the hill, you can go to an area with Japanese monkeys. You have to be careful because the monkeys can roam freely. You should not touch the monkeys and you should not show them food because they can attack you. The baby monkeys are so cute when they play together. Later that day, we also passed through the bamboo forest. In my touristic guidebook, they recommend you to try the rickshaw, but we prefered to walk. Also, we were three persons, so all of us cannot climb in at the same time. We also saw many temples and a world heritage zen garden. The season is perfect with all the blooming sakura. I wish I could freeze the time and live during this moment forever.




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