Date : 2011年02月15日

2011.02.15[火] National Foundation Day and Pâté Chinois

That was a long weekend.Iam so tired! Friday was the National Foundation Day, but there is no specific celebration for this occasion. People prefer to relax or to spend some time with their family. In my case, I went to Matsuyama with my friends Youji and Enn for the Tsubakisan! We ate at yakiniku restaurant. Because it was a very cold day, we really appreciated to eat hot grilled food. They put a pot with burning charcoal on the middle of the table and we cooked the meat on the grill.


After that, we went directly to the festival. The purpose of this event is to bring luck for your business. Youji's cousin asked him to go there and to buy a talisman for him. The festival street was so crowded, I felt like I was in Asakusa area in Tokyo. We lined up and we finally prayed in front of the temple. I bought some takoyaki, my friend tried chicken skin dumplings and we also ate crêpe. The crêpe booth was so popular, we waited around 20 minutes before they served us.


The same weekend, I participated at the International Cooking Event in Imabari. We were 6 foreigners and we cooked some original recipes from our respective country. I also received help from 5 young girls. I really like this experience because my team cooperated and all of them enjoyed cooking food with me. But we, the “Rabitto Chefu” team, didn’t won. Actually, they didn’t have a special prize for the winner, so I guess the purpose for this activity is to eat different kinds of food and to enjoy it. One more thing, you can see Martin and me in the Tuesday Ehime newspaper!


For this occasion, I prepared “pâté chinois”, ceasar salad and Cream Sugar. For the last one, I’m not sure if they appreciated it because most of the Japanese are not used to eat sweet food and cream sugar is “over the top” sweet. I really enjoyed watching their smile changing into a grimace when they were eating it. That was very hilarious.



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