Date : 2011年01月11日

2011.01.11[火] 今治は最高!

こんにちは、ニコラ マリオンです。今治市に住んでいます。 31歳で、ケベック州から来たカナダ人です。フランス語と英語が話せて、今は日本語を勉強しています。英語とフランス語を教えるために学生を探しています。興味のある方は、メールを送ってください。:takatou_kc@hotmail.com。 週に何日かは、今治市国際交流協会でボランテイアのために時間を過ごしています。日本語を習ったり、国際イベントを手伝ったりします。これから今治に4ヶ月に住むつもりなので、私とカナダについて話したい方は、ぜひ来て下さい。

Hi! My name is Nicolas Marion and I’m living in Imabari right now. I’m 31 years old and I am from Canada, more precisely from Québec province. I speak fluently French, I’m pretty good in English and I’m learning Japanese. For now, I’m looking for students who want to practice English or French. If you are interested, please send me an email: takatou_kc@hotmail.com. Every week, I’m spending some time doing volunteers work for Imabari City International Exchange Association. This is where I have my Japanese lessons and also I can help them with their annual activities. I’ll stay 4 months, so if you have any questions about my Country or you want to speak to me, please come visit the office.

So far, I like Imabari. I know this is winter, but for me, this is autumn: no snow, almost no rain and trees still have leaves. In Canada, the temperature is really cold. We can do snowman, we can ski and the most popular sport is Hockey. What I like in Imabari is Hot Springs, Udon restaurants and the locals. People here are always kind with me.

By the way, I’ll participate to some activities here like International cooking event. I guess this is a unique occasion for you to taste different kinds of meal from the all around the world. I’ll start soon a blog about things I did in Japan: shougatsu, onsen, Imabari Castle and Matsuyama Castle, firewalking, etc…

I think my stay in Japan will be very great. I hope I can share my culture with you and I can learn yours.


À la prochaine fois
Nicolas Marion



Imabari City International
Exchange Association



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